Monday, 30 April 2007

It Begins...

It's that magical time of year when the undergrads have just turned in their reports and practicals, and the teaching assistants prepare their coloured pens...

As of today, I have a stack of 130 student reports to mark. Each one is 2,000 words, bringing the total word count to 260,000, which is equivalent to about 850 pages from a book. They are due back, with grades and comments, in two weeks time. If I find anything truly comedic, I'll let you know, to the extent that I can while preserving student privacy.

Speaking of students, check out the best student complaint ever. I'm very fortunate to never have had to work with anyone quite like that.

Posting may be light over the next two weeks, I've got to grade and write feedback for 10 reports a day (which takes 6 to 8 hours) to keep pace... and I wanted to do so much gardening this week, too.

Update: From a paper on the personality traits Extroversion, Psychoticism, Neuroticism, Impulsive Sensation Seeking, and Risk Taking:

the independent variables were the total individual scores for P, E, N and ImpSS.

Hmm, what does that spell? I can imagine some teachers would want to mark down for that, but this person has obviously put some time into coming up with that, and I'm always inclined to appreciate cleverness.

Update II: Ok, quite a few students included the P-E-N-ImpSS acronym (the normal order is E-N-P-ImpSS.) Clever.

Overall, these papers are much, much better than the ones I marked last term. I would say about a full 10 points better. It's a good feeling to see a large group of students almost universally improve. Good job!

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