Friday, 23 March 2007

Friday Bunny Blogging - Chockas Edition

For those of you new to the blogosphere, it is traditional that bloggers post pictures of something from their personal interests each Friday. Many put up pictures of their cats, some ponies, others orchids. I will be doing bunnies.

And this, as many of you know, is Chockas:

He was our first bunny, and of regal bearing at that. He's a Netherland Dwarf, and when we got him from the rescue centre, his back left leg was healing from where it had been gnawed to the bone by his brother and had become infected. We cleaned the wound daily, and gave him antibiotics, and he made a full recovery. Rabbits look very passive, but feeding medicine through an oral syringe to a rabbit is about as difficult as getting a cat to swallow pills.

Sometimes, however, he becomes a square.

He can also become a line. Both vertical...

...and horizontal.

If you hold him on his back, he will fall asleep very quickly and his head will slowly fall all the way back.

And like all bunnies, he loves to eat.

Chockas can be difficult to photograph because he is so black and shiny. But he is definitely out most adored, if hardest to photograph, bunny. If our rabbits were children we would tell the others "Why can't you be more like Chockas?" until they would become very insecure.

Perhaps it's best we don't have children.

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