Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Michigan, Michigan State


I'm heading to Michigan today, and I'll stay there for about 3 weeks. A chunk of my family lives there, including these two little buggers, eh, I mean brothers:

That's Little Buddha, above. And this is Tiny Dancer, below:

Tiny Dancer is the one that's not a cat. Pictures were kindly stolen from their mom's (my step-mom's) blog, which is here (for knitting) and here (for life simplification). I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody again, but also getting a break from work as well. Of course, it won't really be a break, as I'll still have readings to do, and I'll have to do some work online, but it will be much more relaxed. But it will be a nice length for a visit, and my friend CK will be visiting from Georgia. He is one of the characters from this video, but I won't tell you which one. Just watch the whole thing, and try to avoid any retinal burning.

Since there aren't any trains that go from Exeter to London in time for my flight (which is Wednesday morning) I'll be spending tonight (Tuesday) in Heathrow airport. I've done it in Gatwick twice now, but not Heathrow yet. Should be fun!

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