Wednesday, 9 May 2007


I really don't know where the time goes. It seems like I wake up in the morning, do some work, miss a lot of work I should have done, and then it is midnight. And I've had so much blogging I've wanted to do.

Ok, tell you what, how about I grade one report, and then make one blog post, one report, one post, and so on? I really can't grade too many reports in a row or they all blend together and I lose track of what is said in individual papers. So hopefully there will be a flurry of posts (and marking) today.

First off, there is a puzzle I've been thinking about, and I eventually found the answer, but I thought you might want to have a chance to puzzle it out for yourself. Here it is:

What is the mathematical difference between .999 (repeating to infinity) and 1.0?

Here is a hint: what is one third, represented as a decimal? What happens when you multiply this by 3?

The first person to get the correct answer gets a pony.