Monday, 14 May 2007

Welcome, International Visitors

Can you judge a website by its visitors? Well, probably mostly not, but maybe a little. It seems there's a small explosion in international visitors here lately. Today we've had visitors to the site from the US and UK as normal, but also Argentina, Chile, China, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, and others. In fact, about 40% of visits to the site are from countries other than the US or the UK.

Other interesting facts: 30% of site visitors use an Apple or Linux OS, yet these are only used by 10% of the world's computers.

More than 75% of the hits to the site come from non-Internet Explorer browsers, yet only 20% of Internet users worldwide use a non-IE web browser.

So we have a very diverse, international crowd, with regular visitors from 5 continents that like to use more unusual but technically superior software. Does me proud. :)

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