Wednesday, 30 May 2007

First Conference

On Monday, June 4, I will be presenting at my first research conference. Admitedly, it is a small one at the university, but it will be good practice for the bigger ones. My talk is from 10:40 to 11:00 and is titled "Conservation psychology: Addressing the limitations of an infant subdiscipline." There are three basic parts: First, the limitations with the previous research; then the preliminary findings of my current research; and finally some proposals for research over the next two years, with a focus on addressing the previous limitations.

Abstract is below:

Conservation psychology, the use of psychology to understand and promote conservation of the natural environment, has only recently developed as a subdiscipline within psychology. However, despite a flurry of recent publications in conservation psychology, most of the research has been limited by a number of theoretical or methodological assumptions. These include paradigmatic isolation, a focus on immediate outcomes instead of long-term outcomes, and an over-dependence on self-reported behaviour. In this presentation, I will discuss ways in which these research limitations may be overcome, and specifically how the research studies I am presently conducting will attempt to fill these gaps in the literature by using a cross-paradigmatic approach in longitudinal studies assessing real-life behaviour.

This is the intinerary.

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