Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Furries Vs. Klingons Bowl-a-thon

For some reason this makes me inordinately happy: This weekend in Atlanta, there is a bowling tournament between Furries and Klingons. It's just like the Internet manifested in to reality! But of course, this raises an awkward question: which groups do the targs join? Their site mentions they are going to a meal afterwards. I would love to be able to watch their arrival... I wonder if anybody will try to substitute mayo for gagh?

(Found via Boing Boing.)


C. Joshua Villines said...

My big concern is that no one will be able to get their computers repaired during this time...

On a different note, I just did the headphone hack that you posted. Works beautifully, although I did use a Dremel tool to get the cable just right.


Christopher Chandler said...

Joshua, I thought you should know your comment is being praised on a Furr-centric blog: http://nicodemusrat.livejournal.com/160341.html (# 7)

Being local, will you be attending this event, perchance?

C. Joshua Villines said...

Um, no.