Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Off to Kent

I'll be leaving early tomorrow for Canterbury, Kent, for a British Psychological Society conference. It should be hella killa. You know what they say about us social psychologists - we put the social in social psychology!

I'll be back on Saturday night - till then, blogging will be light. That's Canterbury Cathedral to the right. In a few days, I'll let you know if it actually looks like that, and I'll share any tales I pick up.


C. Joshua Villines said...

Ever since I first read King Lear I've always thought that my first choice for peerage titles would be "Duke of Kent." If you happen to learn that their anticipating a vacancy, let me know.

Truth be told, I'd gladly settle for a minor barony.


Christopher Chandler said...

So that's why you named your first Utopia province Kent.

If you have £195 to blow, you can always buy a lordship from Elite Titles. It looks like a really classy website, geared towards mature, emotionally stable people who aren't trying to compensate for anything, nosirree!

C. Joshua Villines said...

Bah, that should be "they're." Ah well, when I'm "His Grace the Duke of Poppycock" maybe I'll have someone to check that sort of thing for me.

Oh, and Utopia is soooo last year. The cool thing now is Travian.