Thursday, 13 September 2007

Thursday TED: V (Theory of Brain and Artificial Intelligence)

This week's TED talk is by Jeff Hawkins, a big mover behind the handheld computing industry, and a neuroscientist to boot. He asks why is it that after studying the brain for so many decades we still don't have a theory of how it really works? Hawkins says the time is ripe for a paradigm shift in understanding the brain, and once that occurs, artificial intelligence will not be much further down the road.

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Phillip Shoemaker said...

This is one of the consummate Jeff Hawkins talks, and he discusses the possibility of creating biologically realistic computing models of the brain.

In his screencast here ( Jeff goes into more detail about how the brain maps to Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM), the technology that his company Numenta has released.