Thursday, 7 June 2007


So I was walking through campus when I found some interesting looking bushes. The leaves resembled most fruit trees (narrow along the length, pointed at the tip, and folded along the vein, and finely serrated along the edges), so I looked a bit more closely. I noticed small clusters of flowers, with five petals per flower... that means elderberries! I checked online to confirm, and yes, I have found dozens of elderberry bushes on campus.

This summer should be full of free, wild fruit. My list of fruit trees on nearby public land includes:
  • Dozens of elderberry bushes
  • Countless blackberry brambles
  • 20 apple trees
  • 6 fig trees
  • 2 cherry trees
  • 1 mulberry tree
I'll need to polish up my wine fermenters and jam jars! I may even make pie...

1 comment:

Sita said...

We should totally go pick those berries.. If it ever stops RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!