Friday, 29 June 2007

Teaching Concluded for the Summer

Today was my last bit of teaching for the summer. I do enjoy teaching, probably even more than research, but it is really considered a kind of a supplement to my "real work," unfortunately. Anyway, this last module was at the Maynard School, for AS-level students (equivalent to Juniors in a US high school). Very keen and very bright students (brighter than many undergrads, to be honest.) It was a 3 week overview of psychology, which made it quite difficult to choose what to cover. How do you cover something as massive as psychology in 3 weeks? And by 3 weeks, I really mean 3 hours, because they were weekly 1 hour sessions. I chose to do 1 on Cognitive, 1 on Social, and 1 on Abnormal. Even then, it's only a small, small fraction of what genuinely deserves classroom attention. I definitely know how my dad feels about rushing through content that begs for a whole semester (at the least) when we can only ration an hour for it.

If you want to have a gander at the presentations, they are available online at my new online resources page: They may be missing something without all the supplementary videos, and explanations behind the bullet points, but if you are interested, there they are.

And now, for the first time since starting my PhD, I have 3 months with no work responsibilities other than my own research. I've already got a stack of journal articles in my backpack...

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