Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain... Surely Not in England?

We've had quite a bit of rainy weather here over the last two weeks. The forecast for today, as it appeared on BBC News this morning and yesterday is "Flooding and Strong Gales." That's always nice to wake up to. They are expecting over 100 mm of rain within a few hours, which is what we would normally get in six weeks condensed into a few hours - get it? Condensed? Eh, ok. Seriously, several towns have been flooded up to several feet, and last I checked over 60 schools were closed. The weatherman just said it is the wettest day in 50 years. United States, we will trade you one week of torrential rain for two weeks of drought. You won't find a better deal this side of the tropics.

Update: That forecast wasn't kidding. Thankfully the Southwest is mostly unscathed.

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