Friday, 10 August 2007

An Aside About Google (and pies)

A side note: people find this site in a number of ways, and sometimes that is through Google. I can see what search terms people use, and some are fairly strange. You may remember this short post about Fahrenheit 451, in which author Ray Bradbury claimed the book had nothing to do with censorship and instead it was all about tv. Yeah, um, whatever. I said that was like writing a book about pie recipes, publicly hailed as a classic text on pies, and then 50 years later after receiving countless pie-related awards claiming it had nothing to do with pies and instead was all about the pumpkins used to make some of those pies. I called the post Fahrenheit 45pie. And now I get visitors from Taiwan searching Google for 45pie. In fact, Exeterra is the number 1 site on Google for 45pie. I have no idea what a real 45pie is, but they think I have one, or at least know something important about 45pies. That feels kind of nice. I also get visits from people trying to look up how to fold a mattress (Who knows, maybe one of them was Leon himself? See item number 81.)

It could be worse. A few blogs I read about the situation in the middle east get a significant amount of traffic from people looking for arab porn.

Also of note, my most frequently Googled page is about a native American gardening technique called the Three Sisters. I get more Google-related visits to that page than all my other pages put together. I hope those people aren't looking for porn too.

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