Friday, 24 August 2007

Rob in the News Again

As Earthchick notes, her son and my brother, after being involved in an accident where he was buried alive, is in the news again in a short segment with Detroit's Fox affiliate. Now I know local news in general and Fox affiliates in particular have a certain reputation, which is mostly deserved, but this segment is not very sensationalized, and does not feature an irrelevant let's-bury-a-reporter- so-you-can-know-what -being-pseudoburied-in- sand-looks-like demonstration like the last one on CBS. The Fox video does however feature an irrelevant this-is-what-a- completely-different-shape- and-size-sand-hole- looks- like-even-though-it's-not-related- to-the-story illustration. No one in the family is made to look a fool though, and that's what counts though. ;)

Earthchick would like to point out that the top she is wearing in this segment is one she made herself.

Background story here (short) and here (full).

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