Friday, 10 August 2007

Stumbling Finds II: Video Edition

Normally on Fridays I provide some kind of comedy video. Today I'll provide five short videos I Stumbled Upon, some funny, some just bizarre. Here are my top five picks for this week:

This is freakin' incredible! By building a semi-rigid bodysuit of 30+ wheels, Rollerman can roll at high speeds on any flat surface in any body position! His top speed so far is 61 mph. You have no idea how much I want one of these; probably even more than a jet-rocket backpack and even more than a flying motorcycle. It's probably best that I don't have one. I would wear it all the time - late to class? I'll just roll down the hallway and into the classroom at high speed! About to miss my plane? I'll just roll down the mile-long airport terminal, weaving between travellers and suitcases at 60 mph! Sigh... one can dream...

Ever play Minesweeper? Did you know they are making it into a movie?

Ever wonder what would happen if you filled a swimming pool with a non-Newtonian fluid and then went for a swim? Well... it's time to find out!

The UK was the birthplace of the railroad - the good side of that is the UK was the first country to become 'modern' - the bad part of that is we are stuck with infrastructure that is 200 years old. In France and Asia, trains travel up to 500 kph, (300+ mph) five times faster than in the UK. Wow.

Lastly, a brilliant commercial from Germany. Watch it twice, it's clever stuff.

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