Sunday, 26 August 2007

It's Just Like a Mini Mawl

Normally I'm not quite so eager to jump on the viral bandwagon, but this made me laugh more than usual. Several times in the past 24 hours whilst otherwise engaged in conversation or activity I would burst into laughter thinking of the Mini Mawl.

A significant portion of my family is from Montgomery. I'll have to ask them if it is usually like this down there.

Hat tip to James for finding this one.


James said...

Ah, it was you who left the comment.

I agree with one of the Youtube commenters that watching it does cheer you up. If it had been any more professionally produced it would have lost its edge.

Sita said...

I would like to point out that Chris has been randomly bursting into uncontrollable laughter accompanied by the shaky words, 'it's just like a mini mall!' ever since he saw this video.

C. Joshua Villines said...


Are your thoughts "transatlantic" when people on your side of the pond are reading them?


Christopher Chandler said...

While I accept that my thoughts may not always be conveyed transatlantically, I contend the content is generally of a transatlantic nature. Our musically gifted and charismatic friend Sammy Stephens is a characteristically American product, and thus UK readers who watch his soothing rhythms will be receiving a transatlantic experience. In cases where I write about non-American events, my conception and description of those events is influenced through the lens of my transatlantic life experiences, thus affording the thoughts transatlantic properties. Furthermore... living rooms, bedrooms, dinettes, oh yeah! ... err, sorry about that.

Everytime I watch that (and that's a lot) I cannot help but grin like a fool. It's definitely a pick-me-up.

I think my favourite part is how unusually small he appears in front of the bed. They used a blue-screen and didn't quite match up the sizes between shots.