Tuesday, 31 July 2007

100 Posts on the Wall

Like sea turtles, blogs are born in abundance, but nearly all fail to reach maturity. Exeterra was born just over four months ago (20 March, 2007), and this is Exeterra's 100th post. At the time of this writing, the site has received over 1000 hits since March. In the blogosphere, that is tiddly-winks - no - that's sub-tiddly-winks. The Big Dogs of the blogging world each get millions of hits every month. But still, most blogs (and there are more than 71 million of them) wink out of existence after little more than a few posts and a few dozen hits. So this is something akin to Exeterra being a sea turtle adolescent. Odds of reaching full size are still remote, but I've been lucky to make it this far.

Here's a round of drinks to another 100 posts.

1 comment:

earthchick said...

Hey happy 100th!

You should a 100 Things About Me post now. :)