Saturday, 7 July 2007

Is Fox Even Pretending Anymore?

Watch this video, and I apologize in advance for the potentially irreparable metaphysical damage that can come from watching Bill O'Reilly:

Ooohh, pretty scary stuff! I'll bet they ride around in tinted pick-up trucks blasting Ani DiFranco, wearing designer flannels. When they lose one of their own, (maybe in a shootout with a gang of Furries?) they throw some Doc Martens over the electrical wires. Don't shoot me with your pink Glock!

There's just one problem. All of those lesbian 'crimes' did not actually happen, and no police department has found any evidence of actual 'lesbian gangs.' Literally, it is entirely fabricated. There are not 'hundreds of lesbian gangs' in every state, beating up men, converting youth to homosexuality, and raping children. (I hope I didn't need to tell you that.) The 'detective' they interview has not been a police officer for some time, and is a member of an anti-gay hate group. O'Rielly just loosened his bigotry belt, and let it all hang out.

Is Fox even trying to maintain the charade of being a legitimate news organization? Usually they try to project their delusions with slightly more subtlety.


Sita said...
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Sita said...

I watched the first 10 seconds and then stopped in order to save what is left my sanity. That ol' Bill needs a good spanking from his momma!!!!