Sunday, 8 July 2007

More Weekend Bunny Blogging

Not my bunnies, but other ones. These first two videos were sent in by Christian.

Tired of the finger cuts that come from opening mail yourself? Get a bunny!

Our rabbit connie has actually eaten an envelope before. I think she was more focused on consuming all organic matter possible rather than opening it though.

Most people think rabbits are rather passive things, just because they are at the bottom of just about everything's food chain. Not so! Rabbits can actually be quite vicious. Mine have drawn blood from me many times, and could probably hold their own in a fight with a cat. Or in this case, a snake!

Wow, who was the bubba in the background with the caricaturized redneck laugh?

Of course, if your rabbits fight too much, you can always get some chickens to keep them in line:

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Sita said...

The redneck's commentary is the funniest!!!