Monday, 30 July 2007

Update on Rob

Time for an update on my brother Rob. As you may recall, he recently nearly passed away after being buried alive at the beach (longer version).

The whole family is doing well, and continuing to return to normal, though still shaken. Rob and Charlie are doing much better than one might expect, perhaps because of the resiliency of their young age.

There is a written story and video from CBS' The Early Show you can watch. The video is embedded on the right side of the page (sorry for the rather anti-open-source/ad-laden nature of CBS' videos - they should take a lesson from YouTube and Google and let their data be free. Ah well, at least it is hi-res.) The CBS video is about five minutes, and my family is interviewed for perhaps two minutes - but they filmed my family for over three hours.

In other words, they filmed almost exactly 100 times more material than they used. I wish the network/cable news shows would be as thorough with the 'big' stories instead of the standard operating procedure of regurgitating gov. press releases. I think they're starting to learn the lessons of the last six years, if slowly.

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