Saturday, 7 July 2007

Finally Some Sun! And Bunnies.

For the first time in, what... a month? six weeks? it has gone a full day without raining here. We had the wettest June in England's recorded history, floods have devastated much of northern England, leaving 30,000 homes abandoned in ruins. Also, there may be a nation-wide vegetable shortage, with brassicas and potatoes hit hard, and with about a quarter of the pea crop ruined. Come on storm-clouds, can't we just give peas a chance?

My heart goes out to all that have lost their homes, especially those without insurance. Not all, but much of the flooding happened in areas on flood plains - flooding is a fairly predictable event to occur in a flood plain. Some places - like those subject to natural, cyclical flooding or wildfires - are not meant to be built upon. I don't think anyone in particular is liable for blame, but it would be wise for governments to stop issuing building permits for areas that are hit with predicable, cyclical natural disasters. Just saying.

Anyway, all that is preamble to the fact that today has been a beautiful, sunny, warm but not too hot, breezy but not too windy Saturday. It seems like half of Britain has gone to the beach (the car park at Tesco was full of people in shorts with plastic pails and spades), and the other half has held a BBQ party. I got some good gardening done at home, and will be doing more allotment gardening on campus tomorrow.

The bunnies thoroughly enjoyed it, after a month of being water-logged and/or cooped up. Here are some videos of what may be the laziest bunnies you'll ever see:

That's right - Chockas is being so lazy he is eating while laying down - and slowly propelling himself with his forelegs, dragging his back legs behind him.

Nom nom nom.

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James said...

That's a nice garden you've got there.