Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Must. Have. Low. Impact. Woodland. Home.

Check out this stunning low-impact woodland home, built in Wales. It is built of mostly local natural materials (stone, timber, straw bale/earth walls, turf roof) and reclaimed scrap otherwise destined for a landfill (piping, wiring, etc.) The total cost was £3000, and the project was completed in 4 months without using professional builders. It's super-efficient, and absolutely gorgeous on the inside as well. It's not just a concept-home; the builder actually lives there with his family. Any self-respecting hobbit would be jealous!
The guy who built this has a website with full plans for building your own eco-home/hobbit hole. In fact, along with 8 other families, they are making a whole village of houses like these in Pembrokeshire, SW Wales. Very cool stuff!

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